Tatum Reinsurance Intermediary, LLC (“Tatum Re”) offers certain additional services to that of Reinsurance Broking. For example, many of our business partners currently do or may in the future wish to explore the use of a Captive; we are very experienced in this field and can assist you with all of your Captive enquiries. We can also provide actuarial services, both on the Accident and Health side of the industry and also Property and Casualty.

We also provide a very unique approach to partnering with us and utilizing our services. If you prefer entering into a Service Agreement versus a traditional Reinsurance Broker arrangement, we would be happy to accommodate that. Our Service Agreements will stipulate exactly what we will do for you, when it will be done, what our compensation is, etc. Ultimately, you – our Client, receive a signed commitment to our agreed upon service and performance levels, including total transparency.

  • Enhanced Solutions

  • Risk Management Culture

  • Powerful Results

  • Partnerships you can trust in
  • Performance you can rely on
  • Innovative Thinking
  • Character Matters
  • Fueled by Experience
  • Program Business Specialist
  • Using Tatum Re is an Investment – Not an Expense

What reinsurance solution may we help you with? Please contact Dominic Hagger at (732) 672-7752‬, or send us an email today.