At Tatum Reinsurance Intermediary, LLC (“Tatum Re”), we are able to partner with our Clients on the traditional insurance and/or reinsurance basis, whereby the Broker is compensated under a traditional brokerage arrangement. While this is the traditional method and the most common in use, it may not be the most suitable and beneficial structure for you. The industry has evolved and the Broker’s approach and in turn, the Broker’s compensation must evolve with it.

Service Agreements

Tatum Re is therefore also able to offer a partnership through a specifically tailored Service Agreement with our Clients. This Service Agreement will not only highlight our compensation, maintaining our absolute commitment to full disclosure and transparency, but it will also clearly layout our role, the performance that you will expect from us and finally the service levels that we will guarantee to our Clients.

Please contact Dominic Hagger at (732) 672-7752‬, or send us an email to discuss your Service Agreement needs.

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